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Are you looking for experienced professionals


to repaint, renovate or remodel your home, workshop or commercial business? RJ Painting and Carpentry is ready to offer you top-quality services. We are equipped with the best modern and traditional painting supplies and techniques to provide

you with high-level painting services. 

We offer a variety of services. From paint

removal to applying modern or classic finishes, as well as services like wall and ceiling covering, tile and board painting, and other solutions

according to the project needs. 

Moreover, RJ Painting and Carpentry strives to


provide high-quality services in a fast and efficient manner, without ever compromising quality. We are ready to cater to your budget and commit to delivering your project in the shortest time possible. 

Check out our services and do not hesitate to rely on RJ Painting and Carpentry professionals for any painting and carpentry service that you may need. We offer a guarantee of total satisfaction in our work and great

satisfaction in seeing the result of your project!


Boston, MA, USA

(508) 740-6354

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